A lot is riding on this for John

" I have  worked for 
years to win this sort of opportunity. 
This is my big break"

"Sure I have had a couple of sales roles before but nothing like this - my OTEs are enormous"

"I am looking forward to finally making my mark 
.. and excited to rise to the challenge and star"

John cannot wait to smash his quota!  But ...

Fortunately John quickly discovers he is not alone. 
The whole team at the business struggles with the CRM ..

Spending 30% 
of each day simply 
staring and ​comparing to find meaning.

With lots of information and data but no insights.

Sales professionals like John do 
need to use a CRM.

Sentia. A Smart Layer for your CRM

Sentia is the World's first virtual digital adviser.
A support team of three for every user in your business.

A smart layer that is a gamechanger for CRMs.

A PERSONAL assistant

An automated assistant personalized for every user that advises exactly what they should to do every day to maximize success. .

Their CRM is now delivering insights, actions and information.

Let's talk about how Sentia will now 
supercharge your business

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