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But … Just having it is not enough to deliver the benefits.

you need an application that generates insights not just data

Less than 30% of CRM users log in every day and make use of the data stored within. They don't like using CRM. It is a time waster. They certainly are poor at adding data and given that your CRM is there to store data that you want them to maibtain this is an issue.

We have the solution. Your team need automated insights - not just data, reports and dashboards.

Our Sentia application operates as a smart layer - we apply it to your CRM and  completely change the user experience. It provides your teams with cards each day detailing who to reach out to, when and how and for best results!

The Sentia app provides 
- best practise automation
- introduces machine learning
- integrates suitable data sources
- it configures your CRM for each of your different departments/divisons, 

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Imagine the conversation if a salesperson took their CRM for a drink?

you need your crm customized & optimized
  • CRMs. ERP. Systems of record.
    Okay - the easy (albeit expensive) step. And you probably have one now.
    But. It is time that you have to reframed what a
    CRM is in your mind and consider it for what it really is. It is just a
    set of database tables for storing customer details.
    Out of the box this is pretty much all that it is.
    You need it .. but it is really JUST a platform that you now have to build on. Don’t stop after buying one. By themselves they are not a whole lot of value.
    The Rules:
    If you have one now you need to be certain that it
    enterprise grade
    secure &
    open to any and all of the integrations that you may need.
you need your sales/service process reviewed & revitalized
  • INo doubt, your business will have sort of sales/service process in place. Now there is a slim chance that it will work with the CRM you have or were about to buy - but chances are it doesn't. 

    But.. It is far more likely that it doesn't. This is a problem. What do you do?

    Simple. You need to have a review of your processes. They may be great - or they may be lacking when compared to your industry's best practises.

    You need to make sure that they are optimized to deliver you the results that you need.

    DO NOT try to just squeeze them in to that expensive CRM that you bought. 

    Not if you ever want to see decent returns from that investment.
you need change deployment programs to drive success

OK. All this work and you STILL are not there? No but it's close.

Buying your first car does not mean that you know how to drive!

You will now have a CRM that can kick butt. It fits your newly re-assessed sales process. It is generating real insights for your team and has automated everything that software can.

It provides them with daily information on what to do the make more wins.

But it will still deliver next to nothing UNLESS your team embrace it, learn to drive and learn to drive well!

Like their first car.

A professional, deployment/training package is a necessity for this project. You have come so close and invested so much do not fall at the post.

Sentia Excites Every Time 

'Blown Away'

'"Having used salesforce.com for 3 years before we discovered Sentia, my team were constantly complaining about the amount of data entry that it required.

Sentia has completely changed the value that our CRM now provides. Everything we need to know is at our fingertips, data entry is substantially reduced and our productivity is through the roof."

Michael A.
National Sales Manager
Appliance Industry

'It Just Works'

"Our CRM was always something that my team would groan and complain about.

It was a huge investment for our business but we never felt that we were able to realize a return. Sentia has turned it around for us. My team is now focused every day on their most valuable leads and I have complete visibility over all of their activity. Couldn't be happier!"

Donna B
Rev Ops.
Financial Services

'Tenfold Increase'

"I have had experience with different CRM’s over the past 10 years but Sentia is a game changer.  

We are now seeing huge benefits of a visible pipeline of opportunities, and our rep activity has become focussed clear and easily traceable with a tenfold increase in activity and customer contacts in the midst of the current downturn."

Mike L.
General Manager
Mining Industry