We all know that AI will change the face of 
enterprise software as we know it.

No hype. The future is here. Now

AI re-imagined. 

Changing the face of enterprise 
software right now.

1. Our Mission : change the way people work@work. 

Sentia is a smart layer that transforms the face of existing enterprise software and introduces  5 distinct AI technologies  into these platforms.

You may not realize it but there is an enormous problem with this software; an issue that no-one wants to acknowledge! 

Enterprise software simply does not deliver net value for companies !

Rather than creating a 'new' CRM or a 'new' ERP in what is a very crowded market we decided to solve the root cause of the problem, for all businesses. 

We created Sentia, a smart layer that can be applied to all of the large enterprise software platforms - CRM, ERP, MIS and others, replacing their complex user interfaces with card-based UI/UX focused on actionable insights.

A retro-fit packaged solution that allows us to sell to the entire market with just one product.

One that integrates multiple pieces of AI onto all of the major enterprise software packages.

One that delights users, supercharges staff performance BUT still allows companies to retain existing platforms.

 Our technology changes the face of enterprise software  and is available NOW

We are seeking investment from partners who want to take the journey with us.

2. The Problem We SOLVE


spent annually on enterprise software.

Fact - Enterprises usually discover that their spend on enterprise software is delivering a negative ROI!


Analyst firm Gartner estimates that 
55% to 75% 
of all ERP projects fail to meet 
their objectives. 


Why is this?

Reason 1. 
A failure to properly configure the software for each enterprise's specific processes & systems.

The initial cost of enterprise software is significant. Subsequent costs to customize and configure it for the company's own processes and systems is even greater - typically a 3 to 4 times a multiple of this. 

Even when budgets allow for this, each & every time these internal processes and systems change or evolve, a rebuild of the software would be necessary. This is rarely undertaken.

Sentia does this

3. Our Value Proposition

Sentia and our 'Go To Market' model addresses all of these shortcomings in enterprise software AND it can integrate with all of the major software packages to solve for these shortcomings.

Outcomes to date from the implementation of Sentia are OUTSTANDING.

Plus : Sentia is a salesforce OEM partner offering easy access to the marke​t leader's customer base ($34B this year alone). This is a major advantage as our form of sfdc partnership is very difficult to secure now, and provides us with huge opportunities.

Plus : Sentia is a retrofit solution to the enterprise software problem. It operates as an AI powered smart layer on top of existing software - to win Customers we do not need them to abandon their existing investment in enterprise software to 'switch' to a 'new' platform. 

Plus : Sentia's operation as a 'smart layer' allows it to drive enormous value across salesforce.com CRMs but also Hubspot, Netsuite, Dynamics, Oracle, SAP .. and most others.

Just some of what Sentia does

4. Our Total Accessible Market

Sentia is an application that operates as a smart layer on top of existing enterp rise software to integrate 5, best in class, distinctly different types of AI to dramatically improve the user experience and the outcomes enjoyed by the enterprise. Sentia is built natively for the market leader in this space, and the company is a salesforce.com partner so as we have access to their customer base, they are the lowest hanging but by no means the only fruit.

CAGR 12.5%

Gross Margins 70%+

$Billion+ Opportunity

4. Our Team

We have an accomplished team with extensive experience across multiple industries including 
leadership of multi billion $ businesses several times.

David Forder


CEO of 2 x $B organizations • 30 years Senior & Sales Management experience across 3 continents • Tech geek • Serial entrepreneur • Original Sentia Developer 

David Brown


Dunn & Bradstreet • Ernst & Young •  Morgan Parker & Johnson • Led USA expansion of 50+ Companies • Past Board Member – Australian American Chamber of Commerce

Fay Pondif


Project lead $1B software projects • Founder of market leading sales team business • Driven revenue 60+ businesses • Renown Project Mgt/Training Leader